When mirrors were first introduced, people thought they were windows and portals to other evil dimensions.

Of course nowadays people don’t think that. But this old belief maybe is where stories like Bloody Mary come from.

I think the best type of creepy is when you aren’t approached or hear noises, but when you see something. Not something obvious like a man with a knife in your bedroom, but something like seeing your reflection blink. Something creepy. You’re not sure if you should call 911 and get a shotgun or continue living. Like seeing a dark figure upstairs when you’re home alone, but you’re not sure if it’s just your imagination. But you can’t call 911 and run out of your house screaming, because if it’s your imagination, people’ll think you cracra. Not being able to act in a serious manner but also not being able to continue on normally because you saw this is unsettling.

That’s why I think people are so afraid of mirrors. They are looking the opposite way of were the monster is, but they can still see the monster. Vulnerability. Having No Control. Not being able to fight back. That’s scary.

So just remember this next time you’re brushing your teeth: A Demon Will Pop Out Of The Mirror Behind You And Kill You And You Can’t Do ANYTHING About It! Haha!





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